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The 3 Types of CRM

A couple months ago, Lauren Carlson, Customer Relationship Management  Software Analyst at Software Advice , wrote a detailed blog post about the 3 core types of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions – Industry Specific, Generalist, and Do-It-Yourself.
Lauren did a great job of summarizing and describing these three categories, and you can find her original post on Software Advice&r

Maximizing your 2012 CRM Returns

In my last blog, I discussed some basic principles to follow when considering how to maximize ROI with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

The basic premise was that simply buying CRM software will not deliver ROI any more than writing a business plan will start a business … you also have to implement it strategically and commit to it.

Here are the most important aspects I outlined:

How to Interpret the ROI of CRM

The question of Return on Investment (ROI) using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be so confusing that it is often dizzying, even for an experienced CRM expert. 

In fact, the entire discussion is one big grey area – there are no “absolutes” that can be applied across the board. There is no accurate ROI forecasting model or standard expectation of results. CRM is a very unique investment, and as a result, the outcomes are unique to each business.

ERP – CRM – HRM … what?

We’ve all heard about ERP, CRM and HRM before, but do we really know what those three very different technologies are all about? And how they can benefit our company? This short overview will help you understand the difference between ERP, CRM and HRM.

Planning CRM – 5 CRM-strategies to success

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the successful blend of a business strategy and technology that enables a company to achieve their goals. The technology provides companies with ways to keep contact with existing customers, manage leads more effectively, measure results more often and standardize business processes. However, software can not do this on its own. The software is actually only there to help enabling the CRM-strategy that a company designed before the implementation of their CRM-software.

Customer Resource Management - How to sell more tomorrow

As business managers, we expect a lot from our salespeople without giving much in return. We want them to sell more, spend more time in front of clients, and expand our brand by pushing value and increasing awareness ... all in the same 24 hour window they have each day. So, how can we help them increase productivity and sales? How can we help them make us more money?

Have you thought about CRM?

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The ABC's of CRM

There comes a time when you, as a business owner/manager, have an epiphany; the realization of the symbiotic relationship between customer and vendor. Whether it happens during a clap of thunder or the whisper of a summer’s breeze, you realize that without the customer, there is no business. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the world, without a customer to buy the product; the company is destined to fail.

OmnipriseCRM Ensuring Customer Relationships in 2011

The holidays are over: Everyone has gained about 10 pounds, gotten that new I-gadget, driven 1000 miles and oh yeah, it’s time to go back to work. So what’s next? Start off the New Year with a New Year’s resolution? Most people resolve to lose the 10 pounds gained over the holiday, not spend so much time on the I-gadget or to spend more time at home. While these are all great resolutions, what about making a resolution that revolves around making better, more informed business decisions?

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