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The iPhone 4S sold four million phones during the first weekend release and MediaPost just reported that SIRI is the best feature about the  phone. 

It’s not surprising. SIRI can do a lot of things. Schedule an appointment in your calendar. Read you a text. Even tell you how much wood a woodchuck chucks (seriously). And now, SIRI will dictate notes right into your OmnipriseCRM.

It’s an incredible feature because it almost completely eliminates the need for any typing and it’s remarkably accurate. I don’t know anyone who likes to type for fun, and we can talk a lot faster than you can type. I gave it a try on my new iPhone this week and it delivers as promised.

I’d call this feature a game-changer and I can only guess that upcoming versions of the iPad, Android and Blackberry devices will have to play catchup and provide built-in SIRI-esque Blog ideadictation functionality.

For further review, here is the article I was discussing. Hope you enjoy.