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By Macy Mills 6/12/12

We want to commend E-Scape on a job well done! The company has developed a software for website design optimized for iPad usage.  E-scape is the first company to develop a software of this type. These “E-Scape sites” can be viewed on internet browsers as well as iPads and iPhones, creating a whole new look for websites.

The E-Scape Website presents a very new and innovative way for website navigation. For a desktop computer, it seems silly at first to just be clicking arrows to go to the next slide on the page. But after getting used to the idea, I can see how this software could catch on. The E-Scape sites are full of color and don't have borders, creating a whole new look for a web page. I checked out the website on an iPad, and an iPhone and it looked and worked great! It was easy to navigate by just swiping through the page. These websites are definitely better to use on tablets or cell phones, but it...

By Macy Mills 5/18/12

In an increasingly technology-focused world, each day presents new challenges to those who are striving to keep their relationships personal. Business owners and entrepreneurs who are constantly busy can have trouble staying in touch with important business contacts. This can be detrimental to a company because once an executive loses touch with another business professional, all potential networking ends there. Furthermore, if companies fail to make customers feel special, those customers will move on to a company who will. Sometimes in such a fast-paced world, it can be hard to keep up with the minuscule details that keep businesses successful.

We all realize that customers are the single most important factor to the growth of our companies. With several markets becoming increasingly competitive, it’s pertinent that your customers know how important they are to you. Most executives don’t realize that just a few minutes out of their day can increase their ROI remarkably. Lou...

By Cody Wooten 5/2/12

If you own or manage a small business then you might be interested to know that having a Human Resource Management system can be extremely beneficial to all aspects of your business. If you’re anything like me, then you must sit around and dream about ways to make your job easier, yet more efficient. Well I have a few solutions. 

Be More Productive

  • Make record keeping less time consuming, and less of a headache
  • Turn employee inquires into a self service option and save your HR department time
  • Save time and improve effectiveness during the recruitment and evaluation process by implementing a software

All of the above will allow your staff to become available for more high order functions.

Measure your ROI

  • HR solutions lead to significant cost savings, despite the high initial investment
  • Reduce labor costs due to what the software is capable of doing on its own